Skinned skate wing with anchovies 'pil pil'

Skinned wing with anchovies 'pil pil'

Use 1 piece of skate wing from Henderson To Home.

For the pil/pil:

2 tin of anchovies (the best ones you can get and reserve two for decorating).
2 unit of dry chilli 🌶
2 unit of garlic.
30 ml of olive oil (I use arbequina).


Put the olive oil and the oil of the anchovies in a pot. Then, add the garlic and the chilli, and confit the garlic until it's golden brown, add the anchovies and emulsify. Put all the ingredients in a thermomix/blender and blend for 3 minutes, pass through a strainer and set aside.

In the meantime, put a pan with a little bit of oil and cook the skate wing. When the skate wing is almost cook, reheat the anchovies pil/pil and emulsify.


Put the pil/pil in the bottom of the plate, the skate wing on the top and two anchovies above the skate wing.
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