Why choosing our fish is an environmental win?

Why choosing our fish is an environmental win?

At Henderson, we're passionate about providing you with the freshest catch while ensuring our oceans thrive. We also think thoughtful food choices should be a breeze every day and we're here to make it easy for you.

With Earth Day coming up, we wanted to highlight why choosing our fish is a win for the environment:

🎣 Sustainable Fishing Practices: Our fish and shellfish are sourced with utmost care for marine ecosystems. Our produce is 90% wild and caught using responsible low-impact methods such as hand-diving, pots, small gillnets, and rod & line fishing (which don’t touch seabeds to avoid habitat damage).

🌎 Reduced Environmental Impact: By getting local fish from our unit on Paignton Harbour, you're treading more lightly on the planet. With lower carbon footprints and minimal freshwater use, our sustainable fish landings, shellfish tanks (with seawater directly pumped into them) and delivery methods all contribute to a lower environmental impact.

🐬 Preservation of Marine Life: Our commitment to responsible sourcing helps protect marine biodiversity, ensuring that our oceans remain vibrant and full of life. We wait to source mature fish that have fully reproduced and contributed to their population for more efficient regeneration. We also keep a vigilant eye on specific fish species and actively share our observations to influence industry best practices.

🇬🇧 Support for Local Communities: When you choose our fish, you're supporting local fishermen and coastal communities. Together, we're building a more resilient and sustainable seafood industry in the UK.

📚 Transparent Sourcing & Knowledge Sharing: While we have solid relationships with fishermen we trust with low-impact methods we have seen for ourselves, we are committed to transparency and helping our customers understand our supply chain. We openly share how we work with our fishermen, flag fishing methods used to source each of our products and explain the seasonality of our product listings.

If you would like to learn more, visit our website FAQs and follow us on Instagram for weekly updates on our work and what's best and in season for you to enjoy.

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