We are Henderson

Henderson To Home is the product of a fisherman's instinctive resilience in the face of the 2020 pandemic. Before the tide turned, Henderson Seafood had been supplying top restaurants across London with the finest quality, ethically caught Seafood from British seas.

With restaurants closed and people staying at home, Shaun Henderson had two options: turn his back on generations of men who worked the sea, or embrace yet another change and beat into a new kind of headwind. Starting with a close network of friends and family, he soon built Henderson To Home, away from the markets and the restaurateurs, selling their daily catch direct to customers' homes, from shore to door in a day.

The legacy of this extraordinary ability to advance in the face of adversity is the Henderson To Home online fishmonger that exists today. Five fishermen, from Paignton, Devon, landing their daily catch and delivering the best fresh fish and seafood from our coastline direct to the people who appreciate the product and the process. All for the love of fish sustainably caught.