Stir-fried Crab Meat With Egg Tofu

Stir-fried Crab Meat With Egg Tofu

Recipe and image brought to you by Cherry @feedthetang for some Chinese dish suggestions in celebration of Lunar New Year.

Crabs represent fortune and gratitude. Have you tried egg tofu? Cherry explains that technically it should not be called tofu as there is no 豆(soy bean) in it. It is made with egg and dashi, with the texture like a firm steamed custard. Similar to the real tofu, it is great for stir frying, steaming and adding to hot pot.


- 50/50 crab meat

- 1 egg tofu or normal tofu

- Chives

- Light soy sauce

- Sesame oil

- Cornflour

- Salt and white pepper



1. Cut the egg tofu into little circles around 2cm thick. They were coated in egg yolk and then fried till caramelised golden on the outside. Gentle medium heat is preferred for this dish.

2. Crab meat is already cooked so it should be added at the very last moment for reheating only.

3. Season the tofu and crabmeat with soy sauce, white pepper and sesame oil.

4. Chopped chives are added last. It’s ready when everything is warmed through.


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