Is monkfish the new lobster?

Is monkfish the new lobster?

This week, we thought we'd let you in on another great seasonal tip.

Monkfish is the new lobster.

It's not only more widely available and more affordable than lobster, it's also more versatile. With sweet and meaty lobster-like flesh, there are plenty of reasons why monkfish is a firm favourite at many fine-dining restaurants in the UK: 

1. Its sweet white flesh has a clean subtle flavour that’s not too fishy, making it a delicious crowd-pleaser. Even the kids love it.

2. Cooked monkfish has a similar meaty texture as a lobster, but just firm enough and succulent pan-fried with butter, roasted in the oven or cooked in a stew or fragrant curry. 

3. Monkfish tails have a thick long round shape which allows for a sophisticated presentation if you're in the mood for a fancy display. It looks great plated as a long main piece drizzled in sauce or cut into elegant round filleted medallions (as pictured above).

4. While live lobsters can be on the pricier side and not as widely available, monkfish tails offer great value and are a fresh catch this week.

5. While top chefs get their monkfish tails from Henderson Seafood, you also can get them (whole or filleted) from our Henderson To Home website today. 

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