Why we're skipping sea bass this April?

Why we're skipping sea bass this April?

Since the 1st of April, many have eagerly been landing wild sea bass and many of you have inquired why seabass isn't back on our daily list. 

While the fishing ban is officially over, we believe it was lifted prematurely. The purpose of the ban in February and March is to allow the bass to spawn; a period when the fish channel most of their energy into egg production rather than feeding, resulting in leaner bass. Our observations from last April confirmed that many sea bass were still laden with eggs, reinforcing our decision to extend our self-imposed ban by another month.

It's disheartening to witness these valuable eggs go to waste, undermining the very principles of regenerative and sustainable fishing. By engaging with the chefs we supply and you, our valued customers at home, we're striving to raise awareness and push for a longer ban period.

Rest assured, we're keeping a vigilant eye on seabass conditions. When we deem the time is right, we'll resume our seabass offering. Until then, let's support sustainable fishing practices and the preservation of our marine ecosystems by making thoughtful choices.

Many great wild fish alternatives to seabass are currently available. Our weekly Broadcast on WhatsApp and Brixham Day Boat Fish collection on the website are the best ways to keep up to date with our freshest landings. Our recipe blog is also updated weekly to inspire you with new fish ideas, flavours, techniques, and expert tips to diversify your cooking repertoire and easily create delicious meals.

Finally, our set boxes are also there to help. We offer a wide range of box options that change depending on what's best and in season, alongside special meal boxes brought to you in partnership with experts (like the chefs we supply) for thrilling seasonal dishes to explore and enjoy.

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