What's all this about British tuna?

What's all this about British tuna?


In recent years, the number of sightings of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (BFT) in UK waters has been increasing. This has led to a growing interest in the species from the science community, the recreational fishing community, and the commercial fishing sector.

Following consultation between these stakeholders that began in 2020, the first co-designed Catch And Release Tagging (CHART) programme for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (BFT) was piloted in English waters in 2021. In 2022 CHART was expanded to include 25 charter vessels, operating from mid-August to mid-December. This expansion of CHART has led to over 1700 tags being deployed over the two seasons culminating in 1052 dedicated CHART fishing trips with over 2800 paying anglers participating in the programme.

This year so far CHART has tagged 1117 fish and still has 7 weeks remaining.

We are planning to go onboard one of the vessels mid November. So look out for more tuna madness.

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