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Spider crab

Spider crab

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Fresh Devon king crab, also called spider crab, from Devon, UK.

Good to know (!)

- Fishing method: pots.

- 1-1.5kg crab

- What you can expect: please note that Devon king crab might loose up to 60% of its weight (shells and the head).

Straight from Devon's coastal waters, this is the ultimate British underdog of the seafood world. Despite its abundance in Cornwall and Devon, this long-legged crustacean is often overlooked by British consumers and is mostly exported to Spain and France where it's considered a delicacy. Spider crab has a unique taste and texture that deserves a place on every British seafood lover's plate.

To help UK consumers catch up, British fishermen and local chefs have made an effort in recent years to spotlight spider crab, even re-branding it as Cornish and Devon King Crab

While sourcing this local delicacy supports sustainable fishing practices and promotes the vitality of our coastal communities, spider crab truly shines in the quality of its meat. It has meaty legs with succulent white flesh -– sweeter than the more mainstream Brown Crab, and it also makes for a more impressive dinner party centrepiece given its large size and quirky shape.

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