Mackerel escabeche

Mackerel escabeche


~2 kg line caught mackerel fillets from Henderson To Home.
2 white onions. 
1 big carrot.
1 garlic bulb.
3/4 bay leaves.
Half tablespoon of spanish sweet paprika - pimenton -
1 dried chilli pepper.
1 glass dry white wine/fino or manzanilla - Sherry -
0.3 dl. of malt vinegar.
Salt and pepper.



1. Fillet the mackerel and remove all bones off it.
2. Pan-fry the mackerel fillets - skin side - until golden brown. Leave aside.
3. Add some more olive oil to the same sauce pan + onion + garlic + dried chilli and paprika (latest). Gently cook them until soft - burnt paprika has a terrible flavour so be careful! -
4. Add the wine and leave until the alcohol has evaporated. Then, add the vinegar. 
5. Add the mackerel fillets and remove from the stove. Leave aside lid on.
6. Put in the fridge for 24 hours. You can eat it room temperature or warm (!)


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