Salmon belly on sushi rice with soy cured egg yolk sauce

Salmon belly on sushi rice with soy cured egg yolk sauce


200 g salmon belly or the fattiest part you have from Henderson To Home.
100 g (dry weight) Japanese/sushi/short grain rice.
170 ml water.
25 ml rice vinegar.
1 tbsp sugar.
1/2 tsp salt.
1 egg yolk .
2 tbsp Japanese soy sauce or to taste.
Wasabi to taste.



1. Pat dry your prepped and skinned salmon fillet.
2. Slice it at an angle and slightly against the grain. It can be as thick or as thin as you want.
3. Set aside.



1. Wash and rinse your rice thoroughly at least 3 times. If you have time, soak them in water for 30 minutes and drain before cooking.
2. Cook your rice. For 100g of rice I used around 170ml water. But this depends on your rice and how you cook it.
3. Make your own sushi vinegar by combining rice vinegar, sugar and salt together. Mix until sugar and salt have dissolved.
4. Once the rice is cooked, while still warm, loosen it up with a paddle. Add the sushi vinegar bit by bit and mix continuosly with a slicing motion until the vinegar is well absorbed.
5. Cover the rice with a damp kitchen towel and set aside.



1. Add enough soy sauce to submerge the egg yolk - not too much though as this will be your sauce. Ideally use Japanese soy sauce as it has a distinct taste - otherwise any thin kind that is salty and strong.
2. Set aside for 30 minutes to lightly cure it.


1. Warm sushi rice in a bowl.
2. Lay salmon sashimi on top.
3. Carefully rest the cured egg yolk in the center and pour in the rest of the soy sauce.
4. Take a picture for the gram.
5. Mix the egg yolk, soy sauce & don’t forget lots of wasabi together. Both the vinegar in the rice and wasabi help cut through and balance the oiliness as this is highly indulgent!
6. Enjoy!

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