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Year of the Rabbit box

Year of the Rabbit box

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"Back home in Hong Kong we generally have a daily feast for the entire 15 days of the Chinese New Year - from the reunion dinner on New Year's Eve to the Lantern Festival on the last day of the celebration. Every dish or snack has a special meaning to bring fortune, wealth, wisdom or health".

- Cherry -

Follow both accounts: Cherry @feedthetang and Henderson To Home @hendersontohome for some Chinese dish suggestions and tips for cooking via Instagram (IGTV)

Our boxes only contain the ingredients in bold, the rest of them are part of our dish suggestions (not included).

Suggested dish: stir fried carabineros with garlic, ginger and spring onion.

- Prawns represent livelihood, energy and positivity.

- Ingredients: carabineros, garlic, ginger, spring onions, light soy sauce, rice wine (Shaoxing wine), salt and white pepper.

- Cooking tips: 

  • Carabineros are delicate so we need to avoid over cooking them. Focus on the head as it takes longer to cook than the delicate body. 

  • Keep the red prawn oil to fry the garlic, ginger and spring onion for the rich flavours.

* Please note that frozen prawns might arrive in the process of defrosting due to transportation. 

Suggested dish: stir fried crab meat with egg tofu.

- Crabs represent fortune and gratitude.

- Ingredients: 50/50 crab meat, egg tofu or normal tofu, chives, light soy sauce, sesame oil, cornflour, salt and white pepper.

- Cooking tips: 

  • Coat the tofu pieces in cornflour and then shallow fry on a medium high heat to get a caramelised crust on the outside. 

  • Crab meat is already cooked so it should be added at the very last moment for reheating only.

 3. WHOLE FISH 500/1 KG.
Suggested dish: steamed whole fish.

- Whole fish represents wholesomeness and abundance of wealth.

- Ingredients: whole fish (bream, brill, turbot, gurnard etc all depending on what's landed by the fishermen), ginger, spring onions and light soy sauce.

- Cooking tips: 

  • Place a few stalks of spring onion under the fish for steaming to allow air circulation. 

  • When the fish is cooked, add a splash of very hot oil to partially cook the garnish to bring all the flavours together.

Credits - food images - to Cherry @feedthetang
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