Collection: Salmon And Trout

We source our sashimi-grade Scottish salmon from Loch Duart, an independent small-scale salmon farm on the Northwest Coast of Scotland rearing the best-tasting salmon with the lowest possible impact on the environment. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) recommends avoiding wild Atlantic salmon as "numbers are dangerously low" and opting for eco-farms with an organic or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification as the best choice.

Responsible small-scale farms focused on innovative fish welfare and low environmental impact, such as Loch Duart in Scotland, provide a sustainable and clean alternative with a taste and texture indistinguishable from wild salmon. Loch Duart has created a habitat mimicking the natural environment with clean parasite-free water maintained by wrasse. Loch Duart salmon’s wild heritage, high marine content diet, and slow growth (three months longer than average) result in a taste and texture indistinguishable from wild salmon and thought-after by top chefs. With a clear focus on fish welfare, low-impact farming, and a taste and texture that leading chefs throughout the world seek after, Loch Duart's salmon is also endorsed by the French quality assurance scheme, Label Rouge, RSPCA assured and approved by HEART UK (Britain’s leading cholesterol charity) given its high Omega-3 (double the Omega-3 compared to others).

We source the finest English rainbow trout from ChalkStream. The quality of their trout is directly related to the quality of the water and the high flow rates of the farms. Similar to terroir in wine, it is the pure chalk stream water that gives the fish a unique clean taste. Slow-grown over two years in fast-flowing chalk stream water, these trout are raised in conditions as close to the wild trout as possible to produce an exceptionally lean well-defined trout low in fat. ChalkStream trout are grown to the highest standards of welfare, food safety and environmental and ecological care. 

“There has been a trout revival recently, largely down to the trout-friendly chalkstreams we have in the UK, as well as the passion of producers such as ChalkStream® - Yottam Ottolenghi

“This Product is Amazing, ChalkStream should be really proud” - Jamie Oliver