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Monkfish fillet steaks

Monkfish fillet steaks

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Wild monkfish from Brixham Market, Devon.

We cut from a 1/2kg fish to ensure a good meat content.

200g of monkfish fillet feeds 1 person generously (think steak + chips) or 150g of monkfish fillet feeds 1 person well in a richer meal (like a fish curry or fragrant stew) featuring sauces or vegetables.

Good to know (!)

- Fishing method: line caught (day boat) and/or trawling.

- What you can expect:

  • 250/450g monkfish fillets - Feeds 1-2 ppl

  • 500/750 g of fillet yield. Feeds 2 -3 people £35.

  • 750/1 kg kg of fillet yield. Feeds 3/4 ppl. £75.

- Picture of grilled monkfish with butter & lemon sauce from our recipe blog.

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