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Year of the Dragon Box

Year of the Dragon Box

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Celebrate the Year Of the Dragon with our special Year of The Dragon Box!

We've teamed up with Cherry @feedthetang for authentic Chinese recipe suggestions and with Atlas Fine Wines for outstanding wine pairings to match the dishes with.


"Back home in Hong Kong we generally have a daily feast for the entire 15 days of the Chinese New Year - from the reunion dinner on New Year's Eve to the Lantern Festival on the last day of the celebration. Every dish or snack has a special meaning to bring fortune, wealth, wisdom or health" - Cherry



Our Henderson To Home Dragon box only contains all the star seafood (highlighted in BOLD RED below) needed to recreate the dishes suggested by Cherry. The rest of the ingredients (herbs, vegetables, soy sauce and kitchen cupboard stables like salt & pepper) part of the dish creation are not included in our box.  


1. FROZEN TIGER PRAWNS x2 (as a minimum depending on size)

  • Recommended as prawns represent livelihood, energy and positivity
  • Seafood provided in the dragon box: 2x frozen tiger prawns
  • Ingredients not included: garlic, ginger, spring onions, light soy sauce, rice wine (Shaoxing wine or if not available dry sherry for a close approximation), salt and white pepper
  • Find the full recipe and cooking tips on our blog here.

* Please note that frozen prawns might arrive in the process of defrosting due to transportation. 


2. 50/50 HAND-PICKED CRAB MEAT, 250 G.

  • Recommended as crabs represent fortune and gratitude
  • Seafood provided in the dragon box: 50/50 crab meat (250 gr)
  • Ingredients not included: egg tofu or normal tofu, chives, light soy sauce, sesame oil, cornflour, salt and white pepper.
  • Find the full recipe and cooking tips on our blog here.


3. WHOLE FISH 500/1 KG

  • Recommended as whole fish represents wholesomeness and abundance of wealth
  • Seafood provided in the dragon box: whole fish (bream, brill, turbot, gurnard etc all depending on what's landed by the fishermen to get you the freshest catch)
  • Ingredients not included: ginger, spring onions and light soy sauce.
  • Find the full recipe and cooking tips on our blog here.

Recipe and food image credits to Cherry @feedthetang.



We recommend pairing the dishes with Atlas Fine Wines's special Year Of The Dragon box which features 3 outstanding bottles especially sourced from their exclusive cellars:

    From one of Champagne’s ‘bright young stars’, this is the perfect organic aperitif to a variety of seafood dishes and Atlas suggests pairing with the stir-fried tiger prawns
    From one of Piedmont’s top estates, this Roero Arneis (which translates from local dialect to ‘little rascal’!) is crisp and easy drinking, perfect with a steamed whole fish
    From one of the most impressive châteaux in the Médoc, the iconic dragon boat on the label has made this wine almost synonymous with Lunar New Year festivities and a top pairing for handpicked crab tofu.

    Order your wine box directly from the Atlas WinePro website here where you can also read about the history and tasting notes of each wine selected by Simon Larkin, Master of Wine, at Atlas Fine Wines.

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